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SunMoonPie is available to lead music-inspired services, workshops, learning sessions, concerts, and other experiences.  We are available for your simchas (joyful occasions) such as weddings and bar or bat mitzvahs.  

We aim to develop a meaningful experience tailored toward any religious observance level or environment, with or without instruments, and respectful of interpretations of halacha (Jewish law) within environments into which we are invited.  We have collaborated with all major movements within Judaism including Orthodox, Conservative, and Reconstructionist, as well as in interfaith and other spiritual settings.  We have performed and led sessions at events and festivals such as Limmud, the Convention for the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, Atlanta Jewish Music Festival, and Chantlanta.

We aim to cultivate a love of Judaism geared toward families and individuals of all ages--we offer experiences inclusive for children, including tot services (“Mr. Michael” is co-founder of The Learning Groove) and family services. 

We aim to use instruments flexibly to facilitate prayer, not to distract from it. As a duo, our primary instruments are guitar (Michael) and keyboard / harmonium (Bonnie), including hand percussion. We work with dedicated percussionists and other instrumentalists as needed.

Some examples of experiences we offer: 

  • Services:

    • Shabbat: Friday nights (Kabbalat Shabbat, Ma'ariv), Saturday mornings (P'sukey D'zimra, Shacharit, Torah Service, Musaf), Mincha and Havdalah

    • High Holidays: Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur

    • Traditional and Carlebach-style davening by Bonnie (Michael can accompany with instruments)

    • Acoustic instrumental services with original and traditional melodies

    • Rock band - Tributes to artists and genres such as Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, U2, Beach Boys, Motown, Twenty-One Pilots, Queen

    • Kirtan chanting, meditation services, drum circle

    • Family - Tot Shabbat, camp-style family services, junior congregation 

  • Bar / bat mitzvahs; weddings

    • Customized instrumental services

    • Instrumental / vocal accompaniment during service

    • Tutoring / preparation for Torah reading, service leading

    • Background music during receptions

    • Facilitating pre-wedding festivities (Tish, Kabbalat Panim)

  • Performances, collaborations, experiences

    • Collaborative concerts or services with other choral and instrumental musicians

    • Commissioned instrumental and choral arrangements

    • Children's choirs, incorporating children's participation into traditional services

    • Camp-style songleading

    • Family "open mic"

  • Workshops and Learning

    • Creative Tefillah (kirtan, adapting popular melodies to liturgy​, creating new melodies)

    • Music and Judaism 

    • Meditation

    • Torah, Talmud, Tefillah study

Hamsa by Rossanna Nagli


Hamsa artwork by Rossanna Nagli.

Click image to see her work.

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