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Article about Sunmoon Pie's collaboration with Congregation Bet Haverim at the 2014 AJMF

Sunmoon Pie's Hebrew kirtan chanting collaboration with Bet Haverim's Gayanne Guerin, Will Robertson & Mike Zimmerman was mentioned in this article on Modern Tribe's website by Jennie Rivlin. Check out "Experience One."

Here is a quote of the section pertaining:

"Last Friday night my family and I attended a Shabbat service as part of the Atlanta Jewish Music Festival. I generally hate services. Nary a one do I find meaningful with the monotone responsive readings and the Rabbi talking at us. As a rule, I don't go. Friday night was an exception made for AJMF. It was a chanting service -- a kirtan-type services -- with the musicians chanting single lines of Hebrew prayer, set to yearningly beautiful melodies, that we'd then chant back. Soon the entire sanctuary was melodically shal-OM-ing together, creating a psychological connectedness, that is a true researched and confirmed social phenomenon. It moved me. I cried.

As I was experiencing this connectedness with the room, with people, with "the Universe," and with my dear husband, an atheist, with his arm wrapped around me, chanting along beside me, my child, my 9 year old daughter, squirmed and sighed and rolled her eyes and periodically begged us to let her out of there.

On the drive home my husband told my daughter that he'd wished she'd been more open to the experience, had given it a try. For my daughter, it was a G-d thing... (isn't that what we've taught her, that there is no Man in the Sky?) And yes, we had. But, for us, in those moments we try to look past that word and enjoy the experience, and hear the connectedness, and, we find, in that kind of situation -- with the chanting of Hebrew -- where we are all in song together, we are able to transcend that word, G-d, with all its baggage, and therefore truly, perhaps ironically, have a spiritual experience."

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