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Purim strikes again

Last night "Three musical couples and a bat mitzvah" (including us and our little one drumming) led the band for a musical megillah at Ahavath Achim Synagogue. We've enjoyed backing up the megillah reading with some spiel-y songs for several years running. In case you couldn't catch the lyrics, we've included them below. Enjoy!

If you've already listened to the whole megillah this year, here are the time stamps for the songs - but check out the excellent megillah readings by the bat mitzvah girls (and of course Steve Grossman)!

0:14 - Barchu to Gambler by Kenny Rogers - lead vocals: Rabbi Sam Blustin

0:16 - Ahavat Olam to Love me Tender by Elvis - lead vocal: Mindy Margolis

0:19 - Mi Chamocha to Obla Di by Beatles - lead vocal: Michael Levine

0:23 - Adonai sfatai tiftach to Space Oddity by David Bowie - lead vocal: Andy Margolis

0:26 - Ose Shalom to Sounds of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel

0:30 - Aleynu - lead vocal: Michael Levine

0:57 - Royals - lead vocal: Ma'ayan Rosenthal

1:03 - I Won't Bow Down - (I Won't Back Down by Tom Petty)

1:10 - Under Pressure (Under Pressure by Queen / David Bowie)

1:15 - You should see me in a crown (Billie Eilish) lead vocal: Ma'ayan Rosenthal

1:20 - We Don't Talk about Haman (from Encanto - Lin-Manuel Miranda)

1:30 - White Rabbit (cover by Jefferson Airplane)- lead vocal: Bonnie Levine

1:35 - Won't Bow Down reprise (Tom Petty) lead vocal: Andy Margolis

1:42 - Layehudim by Noam Katz - lead vocal: Rabbi Sam Blustin

1:50 - You should see me in a crown (Billie Eilish) lead vocal: Ma'ayan Rosenthal

2:00 - Shmax Niggun by Eliana Light - (support her forthcoming album here!) lead vocals: Bonnie Levine, Michael Levine, Emet Levine, Mindy Margolis, Rabbi Sam Blustin

Ahavat Olam (to Elvis's "Love me Tender"; adapted by Bonnie Levine 2014)

Love us Ad-nai, our G-d, in sleep and when we rise

For your Torah and mitzvot guide us through our lives

Mi Chamocha (to Beatles' "Obla Di"; adapted by Bonnie Levine 2011)

Pharaoh kept the Israelites in slavery

Moses told him G-d said let us go

Ten plagues later Pharoah finally agreed

And we all sang as we escaped through the Red Sea

Obla di, Obla da, Mi Chamo-cha!

Who is like You Ad-nai?

Ad-nai Sfatai tiftach (English lyrics to David Bowie's Space Oddity; adapted by Bonnie Levine 2023)

Ad-nai sfatai tiftach

ufi yagid tehilatecha

Ad-nai sfatai tiftach

Help me open up my heart

Stepping in now and may G-d's love be with us

This is from our souls to Ad-nai; I do declare Your praise

And the words that we all know we wanna share

Now it's time to breathe and step toward You in prayer

Royals (to Lorde's "Royals" adapted by Bonnie Levine 2023)

It happened in the days of Achashverosh

He made a banquet for the whole of his kingdom

It’s in the capital address

The one called Shushan

It’s a feast to envy

And all the servants like

Gold teeth, Grey Goose, trippin' in the bathroom

Bloodstains, ball gowns, trashin' the hotel;

Vashti don't care,

she’s having ladies night its own scene

But the king was like

Hey there Vashti show us what you got please

If you don’t I’ll banish you from here

Vashti don't care, she ain’t bout to go over there

And we'll never be royals

They are out for our blood

The next edict is for us

And this Vashti stuff is sus

But I’ll be your ruler, you can call me Queen E

And baby I'll rule

Let me live that fantasy

I Won't Bow Down (to Tom Petty's "I Won't Back Down" adapted by Bonnie Levine 2022)

I will stand my ground

no I won’t bow down

You can build those gallows to hang me from

and I won’t bow down


(I won’t bow down)

Hey Haman, I ain’t gon kneel and won’t bow

(I won’t bow down)

Hey-man, and I’ll stand my ground

and I won't bow down

Under Pressure (to David Bowie / Queen's "Under Pressure" adapted by Bonnie Levine 2023)


Pressure pushing down on me

Since Haman said Jews would be no more

Under pressure - after we didn’t bow

He ordered death to the Jews

Put edicts on the streets

It's the terror of knowing

What this word is about

Hoping a good queen can get me out

Pray Shushan’s king will stand by her

Pressure on people - people on streets

Yai dai dai, biddy ba-da-bum

Oy vey!

We Don't Talk About Haman (to "We Don't Talk about Bruno - Lin-Manuel Miranda from Encanto)

We don’t talk about Haman (BOO!)

We don’t talk about Haman, but!

400 B.C.E. (400 B.C.E.!)

Under King Ahashverosh, and look here he comes, Mordechai (what a wise Jewish guy)

Haman walks in with a mischievous grin (GROGGERRRRRRRRRRRS!!!!)

You telling this story or am I? (I’m sorry, metukah, go on)

Haman says, “Let Jews be slain” (How did he sell it?)

Got inside that bad king’s brain (I’m thinkin did he just yell it?)

Min: Mad that Mordechai abstained (Wouldn’t bow down but anyway)

We don’t talk about Haman, KIDS - BOO BOO BOO (grogger sounds etc.)

We don’t talk about Haman!


Kids: Oy!

Jews livin in fear of Haman’s evil declaration

Mordechai thinking up ways to save the Jewish nation

They must be incredibly discreet on what we’ve planned

It’s a heavy lift, for a miss named Esther

Goin to the king with a grand request, her

true identity concealed, he wouldn’t understand (Will he understand?)

Spawn of Amalek

A three cornered hat

When we hear his name

We hiss, boo, and clack KIDS: [grogger]

Yeah he plots and schemes

The Jews are the theme and

We don’t talk about Haman, KIDS: BOO BOO BOO (grogger sounds etc.)

We don’t talk about Haman,

On Purim we drink a lot

The next day: (“my head!”- oh no!)

Vibin’ to the Megillah (We must stay til the end

And now we celebrate that we’re still here; he wanted us dead

Our fate not sealed by the proclamation read!

He told the king but since Esther was queen

we had hope that his word wasn’t final

She told the king to set places for three,

she invited them both over wine

(Oy vey will Esther save the day)

She told the king that Haman was obscene and his actions extreme

Destroyin my brothers

And when we hear his name (and when we hear his name)

Hey kids, I want much more sound out of you (Michael: and when we hear his name)

Um, Haman

Yeah, about that Haman

We really need to know about Haman

Read us the whole megillah, on Purim

Come mishpacha, the rabbi’s here!

Time for groggers!

You should see me in a Crown (Billie Eilish)

Bite my tongue bide my time

They put it on a sign

Rid the world of my kind

Mordechai prophesized

Esther the king's new bride

Fell for these ocean eyes

You should see me in a crown

you tried to take my people down

you can't make us bow

Ha-man, your time's done

Ha-man, your time's done

You should see me in a crown

your silence is my favorite sound

you can't make us bow

Ha-man, your time's done

Ha-man, your time's done


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